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At Havok Security, we're passionate about making cybersecurity accessible and engaging. We believe everyone deserves to understand the ever-evolving digital landscape and protect themselves from online threats.

We provide comprehensive penetration testing services for web applications and networks, identifying and remediating vulnerabilities before attackers can exploit them.

Expert Pentesters

We have a team of experts and passionate pentester who love to find issues for you.

CTF Organisers

The CTF's Organised by us has always been interactive and the show stopper for every events.


What We Provide

Industrial Training

Our Industrial Training program on cybersecurity is designed to empower individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate the complex world of cyber threats.

CTF as Service

Our dedicated team works closely with or clients to tailor CTF events to their specific needs and academic objectives. Whether it's a beginner-friendly competition or an advanced challenge for seasoned professionals, we customize the experience to align with the skill.

Penetration Testing

Our penetration testing services are crafted to go beyond conventional security assessments. We meticulously simulate real-world cyber threats to assess vulnerabilities and potential exploits, providing our clients with a comprehensive understanding of their digital resilience.

Web App Security Audit

In the dynamic realm of Web Application security, we delve into the intricate layers of code, databases, and user interfaces. Our expert penetration testers employ cutting-edge techniques to identify vulnerabilities.

Mobile App Security Audit

Mobile apps often handle sensitive user data, such as login credentials, financial information, and even health data. A security breach can be devastating to both users and your company's reputation.

Network Security Audit

In today's ever-evolving threat landscape, a secure network is paramount. Havok Security's comprehensive network security audits go beyond traditional scans, employing advanced techniques to expose weaknesses.


What Are Common Security Vulnerabilites?

Broken Access Control
Security Misconfiguration
Authentic Issues
Cross-Site Scripting
Cryptographic Failures
Insecure Design
Vulnerable Components
Data Integrity Failure
Server-Side Request Forgery


What You Get From Penetration Test?

Penetration Report
First Step
Retest Report
Second Step
Letter of Attestation
Third Step
Security Recommendations
Final Step
Security Certificate
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Havok Security


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